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I enjoy hot chili peppers of any kind. Luckily I come from Assam, home of the Worlds Hottest Chili-The Bhoot Jolokia whose devilish red beauty, heady aroma can send searing heat through your whole body.

However my passion for spices and seasonings doesn’t just stop there. I love experiencing food from different parts of the world, trying out new recipes and all that go in this connection.

Preferably, I like to travel to a country to know more about their cuisine than just off restaurant menus and cook books. Since that may not be possible all the time I resort to exchanging recipes with foodies from across the globe.

In July 2009,I created a page on Face book on Assamese Cuisine,to show case our wonderful cuisine to the world,exchange recipes with others from Assam and to preserve some of out ethnic recipes for generations to come .Today the page has over 16,500 members.(1.1.2012)

I believe, food connects us to our culture, It reflects our history. It is is everything we are.

Sharmin (aka assamfoodie)
Admin,Assamese Cuisine and Recipes

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  1. Wonderful picture.

  2. Do you by any chance know of a recipe for olive pickle? I used to eat it a lot as a child and would love to know how to make it

  3. although wordpress offers nice interfaces and flexibility , i prefer blogs from blogger, and it would be nice of you if you consider writing one in blogger. i can stay connected from people of blogger. i hate rss. no offence there.

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